Friday, 6 December 2013

soapgate Q! 5 Beta 2 released

soapgate Q! 5 Beta 2

Bug Fixes
  • dbOutlineViews() - Did not return always welformed XML 
  • dbLookupX() - Returned an error message when no columns had to be returned (empty COLFIELDS parameter), but one or more of the parameters VENUM, UNID and NOTEID where set to True. The latter is a perfectly valid scenario to receive for instance the UNID and NoteID of documents only.
  • dbPutInFolder() / dbRemoveFromFolder() - Failed when the given list of UNIDs/NoteIDs was no refering to a unique list of documents (double entries). The latter is now ignored.
  • dbLookupNames() - Returned no result if the RowFormat parameter was set to False

New Features
Release 5 is all about RESTful services. Whilst the soapgateQ! project was originally focused on providing a web service based API to Domino, we decided that it wouldn't harm to write some wrapper classes around the current functionality to provide a RESTful interface.

This current BETA release does not yet cover all the provided web service operations, but the most commonly used ones:


  • dbClearFolder()
  • dbColumn()
  • dbColumnX()
  • dbFTSearch()
  • dbLookup()
  • dbLookupX()
  • dbOutlineViews()
  • dbPutInFolder()
  • dbRemoveFromFolder()
  • dbRowX()
  • dbSearch()
  • dbViewEntries()
  • dbViewFTSearch()


  • dbDeleteDoc()
  • dbDocAttachmentList()
  • dbGetFieldTypes()
  • dbGetFormFields()
  • dbReadDocFields()
  • dbReadProfileFields()
  • dbSaveDocFields()
  • dbSaveProfileFields()


  • dbGetDelStubs()


  • dbACL()
  • dbEffectiveRights()
  • dbGetMailInfo()
  • dbLookupNames()
  • dbUserRoles()

Please refer to the release notes provided with the download


  1. I was trying the installation step:-After creating the Database in the Domino Designer , when i am trying to open in Notes.It is not showing up the all the options to setup the database in that.It is just showing About SoapGate Q

    1. Sorry Anil, for not answering earlier. Please assign to all authenticated users the Userrole [Authenticated] in the ACL. Please also assign this role to the server entry. The only entry that should NOT have this role is the Anonymous user.

  2. Thanks Matthias Wille for response.I was following the manual in that it was mentioned
    -Default - (Unspecified) = No Access
    Anonymous (Unspecified) = Editor (for public sites)
    Anonymous (Unspecified) = No Access (for extranet scenarios)
    (Server) = Manager
    Username(s) (Person) = Ed
    itor (for extranet scenarios)
    Groupname(s) (Person group) =
    Editor (for extranet scenarios)

    I don't have Anonymous user in my ACL.For others like Admin,Server,user and group i have given the permission as mentioned above and now i have given the Authenticated role to Admin,Server,user and group as well nut still the same issue.

    1. Anil, please contact me at mwille @ flexdomino . net