Thursday, 19 September 2013

Although we just released soapgate Q! 4.5, release 5 is already well on the way...

Release 5 is all about RESTful services and JSON.

As a first step we will provide for (almost) all SOAP operations available so far the equivalent RESTful operation. As part of this development we decided to speak JSON only.

In version 5 the implementation will be a wrapper around the existing web services, so the performance gain of REST compared to SOAP will not be as great as it could be. However, release 6 will bring a complete overhaul of the underlying web service code, which will result in all service operations (RESTful and SOAP) to return JSON formatted data.

The following URLs are a sample on how the RESTful interface will work...

  1. dbViewEntries (which is the equivalent to dbView2XML)
  2. dbViewEntries with additional parameters (first 10 rows and the view entry number for paging)
  3. dbViewEntries with additional parameters (next 10 rows and the document UNID)
  4. dbColumnX
  5. dbLookupX

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    In any case, if it happens again, you can use

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