Sunday, 3 March 2013

BlackBerry Experience Forum ... the app for the new BlackBerry Z10

We are proud to announce that BlackBerry has asked us ( and to develop a special Session Journal application for their BlackBerry Experience Forum events

"The BlackBerry Experience Forum - Session Journals (Agenda 2013) application provides participants of any of the BlackBerry Experience Forum events held in various locations world wide with the information related to the event and allows them to plan the session they would like to attend through a "Like" feature. The application also provides information about the BlackBerry business partners for each event location..."

Of course the application is designed with Adobe Flash Builder 4.6 and is based on the AIR 3.1 SDK. The code to this application will soon be posted open source on Please stay posted on

BlackBerry Experience Forum London 6th March

If you happen to be in London on the 6th of March and (or) you would like to attend the BlackBerry Experience Forum in London please contact Andreas Rosen Qkom GmbH ( to receive a promo code.

Qkom GmbH is a BlackBerry Business Partner and will be at the London event, as well as at the Frankfurt and Paris event. 

soapgate Q! 4.0 has been released...

We released soapgate Q! 4.0 actually a few weeks ago and completely forgot to mentioned here. 


Date Only and Time Only field values would be created previously with an Any Date or Any Time component:

22/08/2013 00:00:00    or    31/12/1899 17:24:00

With release 4.0 Date Only and Time Only field values are created as if saved through the Notes Client UI (No Date / No Time component):

22/08/2013    or    17:24:00

We also fixed an issue with the dbGetDelStubs() web service operation, which at one point in the past broke because of some parameter change in two of the C-API functions called. 

dbGetDelStubs() is now working again, however, we have not back-tracked when this C-API change occurred exactly. We therefore set this release to be compatible with Notes 8.5.3 only. 


In soapgateQ! 4.0 we implemented all methods of the NotesAdministrationProcess class. Parameters and return values are identical, except that all web service operations have an additional first parameter, the name of the administration server. Also, all web service operations have an 'AP' prefix and return the UNID (string) of the administration request document created:

apAddgroupmembers (AdminServer, Group , Members()) 
apAddservertocluster (AdminServer, Servername, Cluster)
apApprovedeletepersonindirectory (AdminServer, noteid)
apApprovedeleteserverindirectory (AdminServer, noteid)
apApprovedesignelementdeletion (AdminServer, noteid)
apApprovehostedorgstoragedeletion (AdminServer, noteid)
apApprovemailfiledeletion (AdminServer, noteid)
apApprovemovedreplicadeletion (AdminServer, noteid)
apApproveresourcedeletion (AdminServer, noteid)
apChangehttppassword (AdminServer, Username, Oldpasswd, Newpasswd)
apConfiguremailagent (AdminServer, Username, Agent, Activatable, Enable)
apCreatereplica (AdminServer, Sourceserver, Sourcedbfile, Destserver, Destdbfile, Copyacl, Createftindex)
apDeletegroup (AdminServer, Group, Immediate, Deleteinwindows)
apDeletereplicas (AdminServer, Servername, Dbfile)
apDeleteserver (AdminServer, Servername, Immediate)
apDeleteuser (AdminServer, Username, Immediate, Mailfileaction, Denygroup, Deleteinwindows)
apMovemailuser (AdminServer, Username, Newhomeserver, Newhomeservermailpath, Usescos, Newclusterreplicaarray, Deleteoldclusterreplicas)
apMovereplica (AdminServer, Sourceserver, Sourcedbfile, Destserver, Destdbfile, Copyacl, Createftindex)
apMoveroaminguser (AdminServer, Username, Destserver, Destserverpath)
apMoveuserinhierarchycomplete (AdminServer, Noteid, Lastname, Firstname, Middleinitial, Orgunit, Altcommonname, Altorgunit, Altlanguage, Renamewindowsuser)
apMoveuserinhierarchyrequest (AdminServer, Username, Targetcertifier, Allowprimarynamechange)
apRecertifyserver (AdminServer, Servername)
apRecertifyuser (AdminServer, Username)
apRemovenotesuser (AdminServer, Username, Lastname, Firstname, Middleinitial, Orgunit, Altcommonname, Altorgunit, Altlanguage, Removewindowsuser)
apRemoveserverfromcluster (AdminServer, Servername)
apRenamegroup (AdminServer, Group, Newgroup)
apSetserverdirassistsettings (AdminServer, Servername, Dbfile)
apSetuserpasswordsettings (AdminServer, Username, Notespasswordchecksetting, Notespasswordchangeinterval, Notespasswordgraceperiod, Internetpasswordforcechange)
apSigndatabasewithserverid (AdminServer, Servername, Dbfile, Updateonly)
apUpgradeusertohierarchical (AdminServer, Username, Orgunit, Altcommonname, Altorgunit, Altlanguage)

In addition to the above, we implemented two methods of the NotesDirectory class:

dbLookupAllNames (servername, viewname, items(), mvalsep, rowformat) As STRINGARRAY_HOLDER
dbLookupNames (servername, viewname, searchstr, items(), partialmatch, mvalsep, rowformat) As STRINGARRAY_HOLDER

Both web service operations work similar to dbcolumnX() and dbsearchview().