Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I'm so pissed with Apple...

3 month ago I ordered a custom Macbook Pro and after four weeks they send the wrong model (the standard model without any customisation). So I had to send it back and used the opportunity to change the order to get one of the new Retina Macbook Pros.

Guess what. 2 more month down the line, still no Macbook Pro. Instead I just got a call from my local supplier telling me that Apple has problems to deliver (customers are being queued Europe wide). And NO ETA !!!

To put insult to injury, I also applied for the Apple Enterprise Developer Program and I'm stuck too, as Apple's online registration service rejects the company's DUNS registration. 3 month down the line no solution from the Apple support team.

The is on top of the experience with the Appstore. A first time app registration takes several month and each update several weeks to be confirmed. No status updates and very little information as to why apps are rejected and what to do to resolve the issue.

Any other online application store confirms within 2 to 48 hours. And you get meaningful explanations as to why your app has been rejected and recommendations on how to fix the issue (Blackberry App World).

It is outright frustrating doing business with Apple. They do things wrong, take ages and leave you in the dark with everything. The support is basically none existent (they do answer, but don't offer solutions).


Seems my last email regarding the Apple Developers Program finally caused some reaction. I got a call from Apple support requesting the company documents via FAX and they will proceed on a manual (offline) basis. They promised to proceed with the registration on the same day they receive the documentation. I hold my breath ;-)


  1. I just have one thing to say about Apple: Don't go there!!!

  2. I had wait 1.5 months for my rMBP. Totally worth the wait. Got mine through the online store though.

    1. Well, I'm running out of time. This purchase was project related. Sooner or later the project implementation will have to be postponed (the project has to be completed over winter time - summer implementation is a no go). This would be a serious set back for us.

      Maybe we are to small, but this project involves the purchase of up to 50 iPods/iPhones/iPads including a special 2D/3D scanner module (coming from an Apple BP).

      Anyway, Apple's competition is not sleeping and if I find a good solution using Android devices I might just decide to go for whoever delivers faster!