Wednesday, 9 May 2012

n-Mobility Client 2.5.2 released...

The new release is available for Android phones and tablets and the Blackberry Playbook. The iPhone and iPad releases are posted for approval. We will keep you posted about the iOS availability. 

The new release requires an upgrade of the soapgate Q! database to version 2.6.7+. The n-Mobility 2.5.2 client is compiled and packaged with Adobe AIR 3.2 for Android (captive runtime) and iOS. The Playbook release is compiled and packaged with Adobe AIR 3.1.  

New Features

  • View Options

    The Database Access Profile in the soapgate Q! database provides support for additional view parameters {...}

     {number of docs, disable grouping, disable design cache, disable data cache, Total columns x:y:z}
    In the now released n-Mobility release 2.5.2 only the first parameter is supported. The other parameters will be included in future point releases. If the number of docs option is used, it will overwrite the default as configured in the n-Mobility Configuration screen.
  • New Field Prompt Options
    A new color options allows a better "grouping" of field blocks...


    Valid only for Richtext fields. Adds a summary text of the richtext in front of the to HTML rendered richtext. The three parameters are to set the font color for the prompt and field, as well as the backgroundcolor for the field.


    Set the font color for the prompt and field, as well as the backgroundcolor for the field.

  •  Design and Data Cache

    The list of database (Workspace View), the list of views (Navigator View) and the view content (data) will be cached in SQL Light databases on the device. This new caching feature is the first step towards the provisioning of off-line services and data synchronisation. For the time being on-line access is still required for the initial authentication with the server.

    All n-Mobility views provide reload buttons to update the cached data from the actual data from the server.
  • UI Improvements

    The Configuration screen has been completely redesigned. The Error Notification screen is providing a Re-connect button, as most errors are related to connection loss or connection time outs.  


  • Local filter condition on larger data sets took forever (endless loop bug)
  • When creating multiple Database Access Profiles to the same database (e.g. to split functionality into modules), only the first profile would be used, all other ignored.
  • UI rendering issues mostly related to the iOS versions.

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