Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I just had it. After 1 week of being an iPhone and iPad user I already had enough...

I was forced to change to Apple devices as the company I'm working for decided to use Apple products for its teaching environment. I have been asked to develop a specific application that can only be developed natively. Fine I thought, the company pays for the hardware, so be it.

All wrong. I'm about to change back to Android and ask the company to pay for a second data contract for the iOS devices, which I will use for the development only. And here is why...


Battery live of the iPhone 4 is a disaster. I thought that the 8-16 hours (depending on usage) I got out of my HTC Desire HD (Android) is a pretty short battery live. Well, my iPhone 4 gives me maybe 6-8 hours max. I need a charger everywhere I go :-(


I'm an IT professional that does not only development, but also network administration. I need network tools, such as a WiFi Signal Scanner and Analyzer. Sorry, not available. This kind of functionality violates Apple's General Terms and Conditions. Yes, you read right, Apple doesn't want you to scan any (even if it is yours) Wifi environment.


Apps for Sound Profiles share the same faith. Whether you are a professional user or not. Sound profiles and the ability to quickly change the active one are an extremely useful functionality. On my Android phone I have profiles with different volume and sound settings for many different situations, such as when I'm in the office, in a meeting, on the road, in the car, at home, in the bed etc. Nada, no sound profiles for iOS devices.


If an app is not available in the Appstore of your location, that's it. No app! For Android devices you can search in probably a dozen online stores. If you don't get it in Google Play, you almost certainly find the app in one of the alternative stores. Even on the Blackberry Playbook (and the new OS10) you will have side load capabilities.


After configuring all my different mail, calendar and contact accounts, iOS did synchronize them all. So that at least works. But whilst the Blackberry OS and Android "links" the same contacts of the different accounts, iOS does not. As a result I have many contacts doubled and tripled. Some have just the email address, others a phone number (because the contacts have been created in a different context.

Can you imagine how easy it is to identify the contact with the number, rather the one with the email address? It is a nightmare! With my Android phone this is a no brainer. You just select the single contact and Android looks for the required info (if you make a call it takes the linked contact having the number, sending an email takes the linked contact with the mail address...as simple as that).


A statement I often hear is "Apple just works". Right? No it doesn't. 2 days ago I thought I bricked my new iPad 2. Whilst I had the iPad connected to my PC and having it synch'ed via iTunes, I got a message on screen saying that there is an update to 5.1.1, do you want to download and install...

I did, and in the middle of the process a damn error message came up after both the PC and the iPad froze. After that the iPad could no longer be booted. Well, being in the IT business long enough I staid calm and did some research and eventually found a way to re-install iOS on the iPad. I just wonder if a normal user would have been hit by this.

Well, the iPhone looks better though. Maybe I frame it and hang it somewhere on the wall.


  1. Hopefully some suggestions.

    > iPhone 4 gives me maybe 6-8 hours max.

    There is a lot of stuff enabled that eats the battery that you don't need all the time (YMMV). I'd recommend to switch off unless you need all the time.

    - Bluetooth.
    - 3G (although I leave it on for 'find my iPhone').
    - Notifications. Only switch on those you need.

    Some apps will also eat battery, even if in suspended mode. Facebook app for example used to do it. Kill the suspended apps and then just check to see which one is causing it.

    I normally 2-3 days battery out of my device. If after all the above doesn't work it could be a faulty battery. One last thing to try, let the battery completely drain until it powers off. Then charge to 100% without using.

    If it doesn't work at that point, talk to Apple support.

    > 5 ... Sync.

    I have not had this issue. There may be more to this as to why you are experiencing it.

  2. I just did the battery draining bit.

    I have 3G on at all times as I require it most of the time. Bluetooth is off and I regularly clean unused apps. I don't run Facebook as I don't use Facebook.

    Again, all this is done on my Android using a Kill Apps application that cleans up in the background.

    I talked to a few iPhone users here in the company all telling me the same thing. As soon as you leave 3G on, your battery drains.

  3. Re synching, what could there be more to it. I added a number of Google accounts and I installed Lotus Traveler (we use Domino mail). All this works fine with Android. All contacts that look as if they are the same are singled out on Android with the possibility to create the said link. Android is to 99% correct on the suggestions.

  4. I have an Inspire/Desire and I love it. I get about the same 14-16 hour battery life as you after about 14months, but I can live with it. I've flashed mine to Cyanogenmod and saw a decent increase in battery, but I run Bluetooth too.

    The thing that kills me with iPhones is iTunes. As a programmer, that app is a complete trainwreck. My daughter plugs in her iPod, and then sometimes 5 minutes later iTunes will start to launch. First I see the framework, then the whole GUI loads about 1 minute later. I have no idea what it's doing, but I can barely even navigate through it....it makes the r5 mail template look well designed by comparison!