Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Apple product bashing continued...

...2 weeks passed and I had hopes that my initial frustration with Apple products will disappear in expectation that getting used to iPhone, iPad and iTunes will change my mind towards these products.

Forget it...it gets worse by the day!

I knew that the iPhone4 had this antenna flaw and have been told I would be able to fix it using a phone cover. But that is all bull shit (pardon my French). The iPhone4 has a miserable reception, regardless of holding it left handed, right handed, with or without cover. My wife is on the verge of freaking out as I never understand her when she calls me. Call and sound quality is crap.

Which leads me to the second problem, my iPhone4's speakers at full volume whisper at best - well that is a polite way of describing the sound. I never hear the phone ringing. And before you post a response telling me I should get my iPhone4 checked/repaired/changed, it will happen this week. Let's see what the experience to that will be.

The next problem developed recently with iTunes and the synchronisation with the iPhone and iPad. I used to sync my iPhone and iPad with an HP laptop. Unfortunately after 3 years of working hard for me, the fan decided to die and I had to give the laptop for repair.

Whilst the HP is under repair I'm using a Sony Vaio laptop and here is where the problems started:

iPhone and iPad sync only with ONE PC; with the iTunes library on one PC to be precise. Whilst that could be a limitation I can live with as long as a transfer of libraries would be a piece of cake, it unfortunately isn't.


Any files synced that are not purchased (downloaded) through iTunes/Appstore get deleted from the linked devices when linking it to another iTunes library. There seems to be way of saving all other files through the backup feature and factory resetting the devices and then restoring from the backup, but frankly speaking this is a NO GO! As I had only a few music files not purchased via iTunes, I decided to let them get deleted.


After some messages on screen telling you that all files will be removed from the device before you can sync your device with the new iTunes library and confirming it, syncing still doesn't take place. You need actually to go through all device tabs in iTunes and enable again all the stuff you want to sync. Whilst it somewhat does make sense (though the information of what is to be synced could also be on the device), the fact that there is no message box telling you what to do, makes the whole process not particular intuitive.


At least you can transfer all purchased apps and media files from the device back to the new iTunes library, but you cannot transfer the information on how you organized the app icons on your "desktop" (or whatever it is called). Hence you have to arrange them ALL all over again (inclusive the creation of folders).


In matter of fact ANY icon arrangements done on the device are often lost when syncing with iTunes. I have not found a pattern of this behaviour yet, but it definitely happens regularly that changes done on the iPad are overwritten by the iTunes configuration. Unfortunately one cannot define rules, such as the device always wins (in case of sync conflicts).

To summarise the experience:

It took me 3 full days to find a solution to a simple problem: change of hardware that holds the iTunes library. And the really annoying bit is that as soon my HP laptop comes back from repair I have to do the whole story all over again.


  1. > I knew that the iPhone4 had this antenna flaw

    Did you buy a refurbished iPhone4? Because only the first lot of the 4 had the antenna issue. Based on your earlier comments about battery life it sounds like this is the case.

    > iPhone and iPad sync only with ONE PC;

    iPhone and iPad can sync with up to 5 PCs at any given time. I am not sure why you are having so many issues, maybe related to using it on Windows.

    Personally I use the iCloud for syncing so I don't have to worry about plugging it into a PC.

    > ANY icon arrangements done on the device are often lost when syncing with iTunes.

    This can happen if you have modified your icon layout on both the device and iTunes. You should only use one. You will see the similar issue with videos/iBooks not being able to be deleted on the iPad if you have added them via iTunes.

    1. It is possibly a first batch iPhone4. I have been given it from the company I develop mobile software for.

      I use indeed (and as mentioned) Windows PCs to sync. And it is iTunes that says in warning dialog that it can only sync with one iTunes library. My options are to cancel the action or to sync and loose information.

      I too sync with iCloud, but that doesn't solve one issue: I'm a developer and need to sync the apps I test onto the device. The only way is the side load feature of iTunes.

      The latter could very well be the cause of me loosing icon settings on the devices. I of course drag and drop the apps I need to get onto the device in iTunes. Hence I do changes both ends.


      So I assume that Apple hasn't figured out yet how itemized synchronisation works.