Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Problems with the Richtext to HTML conversion in soapgate Q! ?

Here are a few pointers to things you may want to check:
  • Check that the "Fully qualified Internet host name" field in the Server document contains the correct name
  • Make sure the server itself can resolve the external DNS address too. For instance, our public test server  can be reached on Our internal DNS server points this name to the servers internal IP. This can alternatively be done in the server's hosts file (Windows).
  • If your server requires HTTPS (SSL) access you require a certificate issued by a trusted certificate authority (e.g. Thawte), a Self Signed Certificate will not work, unless it is added to the Domino Java cacerts. There is a procedure on how to do this, but as we haven't tried it, I will not document it here.
  • If you see log entries such as.. ti="0032926D-C12579C1" sq="00000049" THREAD [0F3C:000D-04DC] WAITING FOR WRITE LOCK ON RWSEM 0x3A05 Agent semaphore (@06C3F598) (R=0,W=1,WRITER=0F3C:02A8,OWNER=0F3C:02A8) FOR 30000 ms may need to enable "Run web agents and web services concurrently" (Server document / Internet Protocols / Domino Web Engine / Web Agents and Services)

Yippie ki-ay...n-Mobility made it finally into the Appstore...

...for both, the iPhone and iPad.

Update - The links to the Appstore:

iPhone    (FREE EVAL)


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

soapgate Q! 2.6.5 released...

Release 2.6.5 - What's New

  • The Notes Richtext to HTML conversion now supports HTTPS and authenticated (only) access. Hence the option can now be used on servers that are completely locked down from a HTTP task security point of view.
  • There are three new fields related to HTML conversion in the Configuration Profile: Technical User, Password and Force HTTPS. The use of these fields is explained in the profile.
  • The caching mechanism of the dbviewcolumn() web service operation has been drastically improved. 

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

In addition to the blog we started a FlexDominoNet channel on YouTube...

We have recorded our first 2 videos related to the use of the n-Mobility client and how to set up a soapgate Q! Database Access Profile for n-Mobility...

More videos are to come about how to install soapgate Q! and how to use it in other contexts.