Friday, 7 December 2012

Exclusive for the Blackberry Playbook...

This application synchronizes your pinned files between IBM Connections and your local device. Any change to your pinned files will be reflected to your local files. For your personal convenience the application keeps unpinned files. They will just be marked as unpinned. Touch tap the file in the list to open the file with its default application. You require to have an IBM Connections account.

This app is FREE!
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Domino Data in context of IBM Connections

We posted sample code for an IBM Connections widget, showing the Java Script encapsulation of a web service call to read Domino data into the IBM Connections page. The web service call is of course calling soapgate Q! our web service based data access API for Domino.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

After about 4 month I finally got my Macbook Pro Retina...

I must admit, I nice piece of hardware. It is definitely fast and silent, next to its nice design.

The only problem I faced so far is that the Macbook's Wifi card seems to have difficulties with older Wifi access points that do not yet provide the 'n' mode.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I'm so pissed with Apple...

3 month ago I ordered a custom Macbook Pro and after four weeks they send the wrong model (the standard model without any customisation). So I had to send it back and used the opportunity to change the order to get one of the new Retina Macbook Pros.

Guess what. 2 more month down the line, still no Macbook Pro. Instead I just got a call from my local supplier telling me that Apple has problems to deliver (customers are being queued Europe wide). And NO ETA !!!

To put insult to injury, I also applied for the Apple Enterprise Developer Program and I'm stuck too, as Apple's online registration service rejects the company's DUNS registration. 3 month down the line no solution from the Apple support team.

The is on top of the experience with the Appstore. A first time app registration takes several month and each update several weeks to be confirmed. No status updates and very little information as to why apps are rejected and what to do to resolve the issue.

Any other online application store confirms within 2 to 48 hours. And you get meaningful explanations as to why your app has been rejected and recommendations on how to fix the issue (Blackberry App World).

It is outright frustrating doing business with Apple. They do things wrong, take ages and leave you in the dark with everything. The support is basically none existent (they do answer, but don't offer solutions).


Seems my last email regarding the Apple Developers Program finally caused some reaction. I got a call from Apple support requesting the company documents via FAX and they will proceed on a manual (offline) basis. They promised to proceed with the registration on the same day they receive the documentation. I hold my breath ;-)

Monday, 27 August 2012

n-Mobility for Blackberry OS10 (Dev Alpha) available...

We just got our n-Mobility client for the new Blackberry OS10 Dev Alpha device approved. So if you happen to be a Blackberry developer having one of the Dev Alpha devices, you can get the n-Mobility client either from here:

Or simply search for 'n-Mobility' in the App World.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Flex 4.8 SDK still not really working with Flash Builder 4.6

OK, after using the installer provided I can compile and build my projects. I even managed to create an AIR 3.3 overlay that works just fine.

However, I lost the Design mode...

Friday, 27 July 2012

Apache Flex SDK 4.8 not working with Flash Builder 4.6

I downloaded the just released Apache Flex SDK 4.8 and tried to use it in Flash Builder 4.6 with the AIR SDK 3.3 and 3.4 Beta, but it doesn't work. I used the usual overlay technique, first copying the Flex 4.8 SDK in a new folder in my Flash Builder SDK directory and then copying the AIR SDK right over it. This has been working ever since (Flex SDK 4.6 and AIR SDK 3.3 for instance works just fine).

However, when running a build using Flex SDK 4.8 with either AIR SDK, an error is thrown as reported here.

I found the variable ${airHome} in two files that have changed since Flex SDK 4.6:

In the Flex sdk directory under frameworks are two file: air-config.xml and airmobile-config.xml.

Searching for "airhome" will find the string at two locations in each file. Once the variable is removed including the following /frameworks/ part, the above error disappears:





After that the first error message disappears, another error crops up for which I haven't found a solution yet:

Description Resource Path Location Type
1045: Interface ISWFContext was not found. ESE_LeisurePOS line 25 Flex Problem

The same project is perfectly compiled under Flex SDK 4.6 and AIR SDK 3.x.

Maybe someone has an idea what the issue could be. 

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Aaaargh...we screwed up the latest n-Mobility DEMO version...

We introduced a really nasty bug in version 2.5.4 of our n-Mobility Demo (FREE) client. We had good intentions to increase the number of databases and views within each database that can be configured and used with the free client, but messed it up (the full version is not effected by this issue).

After installing the n-Mobility Demo client one would immediately get an error screen with following (or similar) message...


RangeError: Index '4' specified is out of bounds.
at mx.collections::ListCollectionView/getItemAt()[E:\dev\4.y\frameworks\projects\framework\src\mx\collections\]
at mx.collections::ListCollectionView/[E:\dev\4.y\frameworks\projects\framework\src\mx\collections\]
at views::MobileNotesWorkspace/receivedDatabaseList()[C:\FBW\nMobility\src\scripts\]
at packages.DominoUtilities::DominoDBUtilities/common_arraycol2d_result()[C:\FBW\Flex4Soapgate\src\packages\DominoUtilities\]
at packages.DominoUtilities::DominoDBUtilities/dbcolumnx_result()[C:\FBW\Flex4Soapgate\src\packages\DominoUtilities\]
at mx.rpc::AbstractOperation/[E:\dev\4.y\frameworks\projects\rpc\src\mx\rpc\]
at mx.rpc::AbstractInvoker/[E:\dev\4.y\frameworks\projects\rpc\src\mx\rpc\]
at mx.rpc::Responder/result()[E:\dev\4.y\frameworks\projects\rpc\src\mx\rpc\]
at mx.rpc::AsyncRequest/acknowledge()[E:\dev\4.y\frameworks\projects\rpc\src\mx\rpc\]
at DirectHTTPMessageResponder/completeHandler()[E:\dev\4.y\frameworks\projects\rpc\src\mx\messaging\channels\]

The reason for this error is that the client is expecting at least (not up to) 5 databases (the same applies to the number of views), though it would show only the first 5 anyway. Until today only 4 databases had been configured in our test environment to which the client connects to by default. And hence the above "Out of Bounce" error.

We have fixed this temporarily by making sure our test environment has 5 demo databases and at least 5 views within each database. If you want (or have already tried) to use the n-Mobility client in your environment, you must ensure that the soapgate Q! database on your server contains at least 5 active Database Access Profiles and each profile contains 5 at least 5 views.

As said above, only the demo (or free) version 2.5.4 of the n-Mobility client is effected.

If you have already installed the n-Mobility client 2.5.4 and received the above error message, please open the Setup screen inside the app and use the Reset System feature (under Local Cache Maintenance) to set your application back to default settings (effectively clearing any locally cached data).

After that you can test the free app again with our demo databases on without problems.

A fixed update of the n-Mobility Demo client will be posted on the respective app stores asap.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

The Team

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

FREE n-Mobility Desktop Client

We decided to publish a FREE n-Mobility Client for the Windows Desktop. It is a complete client with no limitations and works exactly as the n-Mobility Clients for the various supported smart phones and tablet devices.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Since iOS 5.1.1 my iPad2 is downgraded to a gaming console...

Here is link to Apple's Support Community where users (including myself) reported a problem with the Mail App, which renders the iPad useless as on office tool...

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Apple product bashing continued...

...2 weeks passed and I had hopes that my initial frustration with Apple products will disappear in expectation that getting used to iPhone, iPad and iTunes will change my mind towards these products.

Forget gets worse by the day!

I knew that the iPhone4 had this antenna flaw and have been told I would be able to fix it using a phone cover. But that is all bull shit (pardon my French). The iPhone4 has a miserable reception, regardless of holding it left handed, right handed, with or without cover. My wife is on the verge of freaking out as I never understand her when she calls me. Call and sound quality is crap.

Which leads me to the second problem, my iPhone4's speakers at full volume whisper at best - well that is a polite way of describing the sound. I never hear the phone ringing. And before you post a response telling me I should get my iPhone4 checked/repaired/changed, it will happen this week. Let's see what the experience to that will be.

The next problem developed recently with iTunes and the synchronisation with the iPhone and iPad. I used to sync my iPhone and iPad with an HP laptop. Unfortunately after 3 years of working hard for me, the fan decided to die and I had to give the laptop for repair.

Whilst the HP is under repair I'm using a Sony Vaio laptop and here is where the problems started:

iPhone and iPad sync only with ONE PC; with the iTunes library on one PC to be precise. Whilst that could be a limitation I can live with as long as a transfer of libraries would be a piece of cake, it unfortunately isn't.


Any files synced that are not purchased (downloaded) through iTunes/Appstore get deleted from the linked devices when linking it to another iTunes library. There seems to be way of saving all other files through the backup feature and factory resetting the devices and then restoring from the backup, but frankly speaking this is a NO GO! As I had only a few music files not purchased via iTunes, I decided to let them get deleted.


After some messages on screen telling you that all files will be removed from the device before you can sync your device with the new iTunes library and confirming it, syncing still doesn't take place. You need actually to go through all device tabs in iTunes and enable again all the stuff you want to sync. Whilst it somewhat does make sense (though the information of what is to be synced could also be on the device), the fact that there is no message box telling you what to do, makes the whole process not particular intuitive.


At least you can transfer all purchased apps and media files from the device back to the new iTunes library, but you cannot transfer the information on how you organized the app icons on your "desktop" (or whatever it is called). Hence you have to arrange them ALL all over again (inclusive the creation of folders).


In matter of fact ANY icon arrangements done on the device are often lost when syncing with iTunes. I have not found a pattern of this behaviour yet, but it definitely happens regularly that changes done on the iPad are overwritten by the iTunes configuration. Unfortunately one cannot define rules, such as the device always wins (in case of sync conflicts).

To summarise the experience:

It took me 3 full days to find a solution to a simple problem: change of hardware that holds the iTunes library. And the really annoying bit is that as soon my HP laptop comes back from repair I have to do the whole story all over again.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I just had it. After 1 week of being an iPhone and iPad user I already had enough...

I was forced to change to Apple devices as the company I'm working for decided to use Apple products for its teaching environment. I have been asked to develop a specific application that can only be developed natively. Fine I thought, the company pays for the hardware, so be it.

All wrong. I'm about to change back to Android and ask the company to pay for a second data contract for the iOS devices, which I will use for the development only. And here is why...


Battery live of the iPhone 4 is a disaster. I thought that the 8-16 hours (depending on usage) I got out of my HTC Desire HD (Android) is a pretty short battery live. Well, my iPhone 4 gives me maybe 6-8 hours max. I need a charger everywhere I go :-(


I'm an IT professional that does not only development, but also network administration. I need network tools, such as a WiFi Signal Scanner and Analyzer. Sorry, not available. This kind of functionality violates Apple's General Terms and Conditions. Yes, you read right, Apple doesn't want you to scan any (even if it is yours) Wifi environment.


Apps for Sound Profiles share the same faith. Whether you are a professional user or not. Sound profiles and the ability to quickly change the active one are an extremely useful functionality. On my Android phone I have profiles with different volume and sound settings for many different situations, such as when I'm in the office, in a meeting, on the road, in the car, at home, in the bed etc. Nada, no sound profiles for iOS devices.


If an app is not available in the Appstore of your location, that's it. No app! For Android devices you can search in probably a dozen online stores. If you don't get it in Google Play, you almost certainly find the app in one of the alternative stores. Even on the Blackberry Playbook (and the new OS10) you will have side load capabilities.


After configuring all my different mail, calendar and contact accounts, iOS did synchronize them all. So that at least works. But whilst the Blackberry OS and Android "links" the same contacts of the different accounts, iOS does not. As a result I have many contacts doubled and tripled. Some have just the email address, others a phone number (because the contacts have been created in a different context.

Can you imagine how easy it is to identify the contact with the number, rather the one with the email address? It is a nightmare! With my Android phone this is a no brainer. You just select the single contact and Android looks for the required info (if you make a call it takes the linked contact having the number, sending an email takes the linked contact with the mail simple as that).


A statement I often hear is "Apple just works". Right? No it doesn't. 2 days ago I thought I bricked my new iPad 2. Whilst I had the iPad connected to my PC and having it synch'ed via iTunes, I got a message on screen saying that there is an update to 5.1.1, do you want to download and install...

I did, and in the middle of the process a damn error message came up after both the PC and the iPad froze. After that the iPad could no longer be booted. Well, being in the IT business long enough I staid calm and did some research and eventually found a way to re-install iOS on the iPad. I just wonder if a normal user would have been hit by this.

Well, the iPhone looks better though. Maybe I frame it and hang it somewhere on the wall.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

n-Mobility Client 2.5.2 released...

The new release is available for Android phones and tablets and the Blackberry Playbook. The iPhone and iPad releases are posted for approval. We will keep you posted about the iOS availability. 

The new release requires an upgrade of the soapgate Q! database to version 2.6.7+. The n-Mobility 2.5.2 client is compiled and packaged with Adobe AIR 3.2 for Android (captive runtime) and iOS. The Playbook release is compiled and packaged with Adobe AIR 3.1.  

New Features

  • View Options

    The Database Access Profile in the soapgate Q! database provides support for additional view parameters {...}

     {number of docs, disable grouping, disable design cache, disable data cache, Total columns x:y:z}
    In the now released n-Mobility release 2.5.2 only the first parameter is supported. The other parameters will be included in future point releases. If the number of docs option is used, it will overwrite the default as configured in the n-Mobility Configuration screen.
  • New Field Prompt Options
    A new color options allows a better "grouping" of field blocks...


    Valid only for Richtext fields. Adds a summary text of the richtext in front of the to HTML rendered richtext. The three parameters are to set the font color for the prompt and field, as well as the backgroundcolor for the field.


    Set the font color for the prompt and field, as well as the backgroundcolor for the field.

  •  Design and Data Cache

    The list of database (Workspace View), the list of views (Navigator View) and the view content (data) will be cached in SQL Light databases on the device. This new caching feature is the first step towards the provisioning of off-line services and data synchronisation. For the time being on-line access is still required for the initial authentication with the server.

    All n-Mobility views provide reload buttons to update the cached data from the actual data from the server.
  • UI Improvements

    The Configuration screen has been completely redesigned. The Error Notification screen is providing a Re-connect button, as most errors are related to connection loss or connection time outs.  


  • Local filter condition on larger data sets took forever (endless loop bug)
  • When creating multiple Database Access Profiles to the same database (e.g. to split functionality into modules), only the first profile would be used, all other ignored.
  • UI rendering issues mostly related to the iOS versions.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Problems with the Richtext to HTML conversion in soapgate Q! ?

Here are a few pointers to things you may want to check:
  • Check that the "Fully qualified Internet host name" field in the Server document contains the correct name
  • Make sure the server itself can resolve the external DNS address too. For instance, our public test server  can be reached on Our internal DNS server points this name to the servers internal IP. This can alternatively be done in the server's hosts file (Windows).
  • If your server requires HTTPS (SSL) access you require a certificate issued by a trusted certificate authority (e.g. Thawte), a Self Signed Certificate will not work, unless it is added to the Domino Java cacerts. There is a procedure on how to do this, but as we haven't tried it, I will not document it here.
  • If you see log entries such as.. ti="0032926D-C12579C1" sq="00000049" THREAD [0F3C:000D-04DC] WAITING FOR WRITE LOCK ON RWSEM 0x3A05 Agent semaphore (@06C3F598) (R=0,W=1,WRITER=0F3C:02A8,OWNER=0F3C:02A8) FOR 30000 ms may need to enable "Run web agents and web services concurrently" (Server document / Internet Protocols / Domino Web Engine / Web Agents and Services)

Yippie ki-ay...n-Mobility made it finally into the Appstore...

...for both, the iPhone and iPad.

Update - The links to the Appstore:

iPhone    (FREE EVAL)


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

soapgate Q! 2.6.5 released...

Release 2.6.5 - What's New

  • The Notes Richtext to HTML conversion now supports HTTPS and authenticated (only) access. Hence the option can now be used on servers that are completely locked down from a HTTP task security point of view.
  • There are three new fields related to HTML conversion in the Configuration Profile: Technical User, Password and Force HTTPS. The use of these fields is explained in the profile.
  • The caching mechanism of the dbviewcolumn() web service operation has been drastically improved. 

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

In addition to the blog we started a FlexDominoNet channel on YouTube...

We have recorded our first 2 videos related to the use of the n-Mobility client and how to set up a soapgate Q! Database Access Profile for n-Mobility...

More videos are to come about how to install soapgate Q! and how to use it in other contexts.

Friday, 24 February 2012

soapgate Q! 2.6.1 release on OpenNTF

We just released soapegate Q! 2.6.1 on

With this release we added support for Richtext fields. The two web service operations dbreaddocfields and dbreadprofilefields will convert any requested richtext field to HTML.

We also added a rendering options field in the configuration profile (this refers to the $$HTMLOptions field).

In this release we do not yet convert HTML back to richtext when using the dbsavedocfields and dbsaveprofilefields. Saved HTML content is saved as pass through HTML.

Thursday, 26 January 2012 is up again

It might take an hour or two before the URL forwarding to this blog is cancelled though. is down

The worst case scenario occurred, our server blew up. The power-supply burned and killed the motherboard with it. We are working hard to get a new server up and running as fast as possible. For the time being all traffic is re-routed to our blog.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I know its slightly late...but our Lotusphere 2012 Session app for iOS made it in the Appstore

Unfortunately the approval process of Apple took a very long time. So we somewhat missed the boat for iOS this year. However, we would really like you to download the app and provide us with feedback. Lotusphere 2013 is sure to come and next year the app will surely be available right in time.



Please note: the iOS app is not the most recent release. We already have been made aware of a few issues (see my previous postings), which have sub-sequently been fixed in the Android and Playbook releases.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Lotusphere Sessions App version 2.0.8 is now available for upgrade

We received some feedback which made us change a UI aspect that was slightly confusing:

Basically when selecting the '...' tab to enter a filter string, right to the input field we placed the 'refresh' or 'resync' button to download the latest session data. The button was mistakenly used as means to trigger the entered filter condition. The latter not being required as the list is filtered as you type.

We placed the button under the 'All' tab at the bottom of the screen including a label explaining the buttons function.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Lotusphere Session app version 2.0.6 (Android) and 2.0.7 (Playbook) have been released

Following issues have been fixed:

  1. The 'Like' flag once set could not been removed (or only temporarily during the session; once the app gets closed the 'Like' flag re-appeared)
  2. Removing the 'Like' flag in the Like folder/tab did hang the app

The Android smartphone and tablet release are published and should be available within the hour of this posting

The Blackberry Playbook version will likely take 24 hours for approval.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Latest session data available for our LS 2012 Session app

We just updated the latest changes to the LS session timetable. Please use the reload button to sync your local datastore.

Note: we found an intermittent issue where the first attempt to sync doubles the records or blanks to local store. Simply close the app and reopen it. It should automatically try to sync again. If not do it manually. The second attempt always works.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Lotusphere 2012 Session Journal - Latest Session Data

We just updated our version of the Lotusphere Session database provided by Geniisoft.

So if you are using our Android Lotusphere 2012 Session app, please use the refresh function to update your local session database from the server..