Wednesday, 28 December 2011

HTC Car Panel app lost since OTA upgrade to Android 2.3.5

Today I received an over the air (OTA) upgrade notification for my HTC Desire HD and naturally I immediately upgraded. First thing I noticed are a number of nice UI improvements and in general performance seems to have been improved. After this first joy I however realized that my top most important app (after mail that is), the Car Panel app is missing.

A quick research showed that I was not the only one facing the issue. Basically every HTC whatever owner had the same problem. I called HTC support or I started a live chat respectively and I got to know that the Car Panel app (or is it just the icon) has been removed from Android 2.3.5 for HTC devices.

Before you flip backwards over, the Car Panel navigation is still there, its just a little hidden. And you might have lost access to your currently downloaded maps as your license expired. The following steps need to be done to fix the problem and to get back your 3D premium navigation:


Connect the phone to the computer via the USB cable. When prompted on the Phone, select Disk drive, then tap OK.


On the PC, open the new removeable drive. Browse to .data\navigator\Data\Res\Extras
and move the .navd file from the SD card. If you like to take backups just save them somewhere on your PC, but you can as well simply delete them; they are no longer useful.


Disconnect the phone from the PC. Open the Locations application on the phone and synchronise the license keys. To do this, select Menu and select Get more. In the My licenses & content screen select again Menu and then Sync license.


Now delete all installed maps and download them again.

After you followed the above steps, your premium navigation should work again. However, the nice quick access through the Car Panel icon is not coming back. To start your navigation, launch the Locations application and click on the Car icon in the header bar named "Nearby". Once in "Car Mode" you can select Menu to get the options menu pop up you are used to from the Car Panel.

Good luck.

P.S. finally a big Thank You to HTC online chat support. It took about 3 minutes to explain the issue and get the solution. 


  1. Thanks for the tip, much appreciated.

    Seems like Premium Navigation is being phased out in favour of Google Navigation but that could be illegal in some regions as I & others paid ~$80 for lifetime Premium Navigation.

    If they want to take it away then a refund is in order.

  2. Same here, I paid $80. But I believe the correct term is perpetual not lifetime. In any case, it would be the lifetime of your device. Don't think you can transfer your license to a different device.

  3. Agreed. I paid for the premium navigation because it was such a well implemented feature. I was able to work out where it had 'gone' and had no license issues but it's now difficult to manage and aesthetically poor.

    Large scale demands for refunds may be what is needed to get this working properly again.

  4. Stuart, the functionality of premium navigation is still there. Just the Car Panel icon is gone. You have exactly the same features and graphical interface as before.

    Simply enable the Car Mode from the Locations app as explained in my original posting.

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  6. Cant open car panel without buying maps now wtf ?

  7. Yes you can. Open the Locations app and select Map mode. It works almost like premium navigation, but with Google Maps. You have to be online with GPRS/3G/4G though.

  8. Can anyone tell me how to get back the only part of car panel I used which was to have any calls I received go straight to speaker phone by pressing the receive call button when driving?

  9. Simply enable the Car Mode in the Locations app as explained in one of my previous postings.

  10. So, if you don't have a licence for Premium Navigation (having happily used the free Google Nav until now), how do you stop the system being hijacked by the licence purchase request?

  11. What Anonymous April 25th said.