Saturday, 13 August 2011

n-Mobility Client for iOS & Android coming very soon

Just having published the n-Mobility Client for the Blackberry Playbook, we are "working hard" to support other devices, such as Android and iOS devices. Thanks to Flash Builder 4.5 this means initially a simple launch or export of a release build respectively to any of the supported devices.

Within minutes the n-Mobility Client was working on the iPad, the iPhone and the HTC Desire (Android) - see screen shots...

Of course some of views are not 100% adjusted to the respective resolutions, so some work needs to be done. But you can expect to see the n-Mobility Client being available for Android and iOS pretty soon.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

n-Mobility Client 1.0 - the lightweight mobile client for Lotus Notes databases - is now available for Blackberry Playbook

We are proud to announce that the n-Mobility Client 1.0 for Playbook is now available on Blackberry App World. We have provided a free demo version, as well as the full version @ $2.99.

Both versions are by default connected to the server. To use the n-Mobility Client with your own databases/server, you require to download soapgate Q! 2.1. To enable a database for the use with the n-Mobility Client you have to create a Database Access Profile for the database in soapgate Q!.

The free evaluation copy is limited though to a single Database Access Profile for up to 3 selected views. No limitations to the number of documents. If this is all you need, good got a nice app for free :-)

QR Code - Full Version
 QR Code - Free Demo Version