Saturday, 23 July 2011

n-Mobility - a lightweight Lotus Notes Client for mobile devices

In my last posting about the Blackberry Developers Challenge I have announced our participation with a SoapgateQ! enabled application. Here we go...


is a lightweight client for mobile devices to (initially) view/read any Notes database on your Playbook using our web service based data access API for Domino (SoapgateQ!). n-Mobility allows access to a configurable list of Notes databases, its views and documents. It takes about 30 minutes per database you want to enable for mobile devices (depends a bit on the complexity of the database). No design changes or development is required, the creation of a Database Access Profile in the SoapgateQ! database is all it takes.

Today I will simply post a few screen shots of the current beta and maybe I produce a little video over the weekend.

After the initially launch for the Blackberry Playbook we intend to cross-compile for iOS (iPad) too.

As the deadline for the Blackberry Challenge is approaching fast, it is likely that the first beta will be available within a week or two. Depending how fast Blackberry will approve the app once we posted it.


  1. Excellent work. Would love to talk with you about your experience along the way...

  2. Any time Eric. Contact me at