Monday, 20 June 2011

SoapgateQ! 2.0 launch on Wednesday, 22/06/2011

Finally we are ready to launch SoapgateQ! 2.0 - the web service based data access API for Lotus Notes Domino.

Besides having plenty of new features, the new release comes with a new license model, which we hope will bring a smile to your face...

The SoapgateQ! community server edition comes absolutely FREE. All you need to do is to register with or to receive your full license key (a link will be provided with the launch). We also provide plenty of open source code libraries and code samples from which you can learn how to use SoapgateQ! - for instance with your Flash Builder projects.

If you like SoapgateQ! and you feel that you require professional support you can opt for the SoapgateQ! Enterprise Edition, which is essentially the same edition from a functional point of view, but comes with technical support. Click here for more information.

The count down is stay tuned.

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