Monday, 28 March 2011

Bookstore Demo for Playbook soon available on Blackberry Appworld

Today we have posted the well known Domino Bookstore Sample application (available on as an Adobe Air application for the Playbook on the Blackberry Appworld. Of course we still await the confirmation of acceptance.

This Bookstore-Demo - originally developed to demonstrate Domino web services functionality - shows the functionality of SoapgateQ! in conjunction with the Adobe Flex Libraries for SoapgateQ!, both enabling Adobe Air applications to talk to a Lotus Domino back-end.  The application is based on Adobe AIR 2.5 and is build with Flash Builder 4 Burito.

The source to this application as well as the Flex Libraries for SoapgateQ! are open and licensed under OSI - Apache 2.0. SoapgateQ! is web service based data access API for Domino.  The (soon available) free personal edition of SoapgateQ! allows access for up to 3 users.  

We will make all source code available in next few days and will also provide a download for SoapgateQ! 2.0 Beta.

Visit for more information and to see further demos.

1 comment:

  1. Actually the SoapgateQ! 2.0 and Flex Libraries can already be downloaded here...

    However, the update manuals and the Flash Builder project files will be posted in the next few days.