Saturday, 19 February 2011's Domino server answers now on

Until last week had only one public IP and as a result the Domino http task had to answer on a different public port then port 80 (which is used by the Apache server running the website). The public port used for Domino was set to port 81. 

This fact caused problems for some visitors of who wanted to run the demos provided in the show case, but couldn't because of port restrictions in their corporate networks. 

We finally changed our configuration having now two public IPs, the second used to be able to address the Domino server via part 80 on

We will subsequently change all show case demos and the SoapgateQ! product demos to use the above URL rather then 

Side note:
To be able to deal with two public IPs, we had to change our rather basic firewall router to a marvelous little peace of hardware...the Mikrotik RouterBoard 750G, a 60 Euro router that can be programmed to basically do things that only routers in a far higher price category can do (talking Cisco).

And the beauty of it is that the RouterOS is the same (feature wise) for all RouterBoards; the smaller RouterBoards or the bigger highend ones. The difference is simply performance and the traffic it can handle. So once set up,  and your network grows beyond what your box can handle, you simply backup the router’s configuration, plug the next larger box in, restore the backup and off you go.  

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