Tuesday, 3 August 2010

SoapGateQ and SoapUI

We completed SoapGateQ Beta 3 today and I thought a good way of showing what SoapGateQ does, is to demonstrate its use with SoapUI. To make it very short, SoapUI is a free utility to test web services. To avoid you needing to read the SoapGateQ wsdl file and create all the meaningful request messages, we simply share our SoapUI test project with you.

Here is what you need to do to test SoapGateQ with SoapUI:

Right click on Projects in the project pane and select Import Project or simply press CTRL + I

In the file select dialog select the project xml file you just downloaded and presumably saved on your Windows desktop and click Open

The SoapGateQ test project will appear in the project pane. Open for instance the DBCOLUMNX web service function and double click on the request message called Request dbColumnX Row

In the Request dialog click the green triangle top left corner to send the SOAP message to our Domino server and you will receive the result almost instantly

Feel free to send any of the available requests and change parameters to see what it has for an effect on the results.

Note: the web service function dbSendDocument will not send any email for obvious reasons.

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  1. Please notes that FlexDomino.net's Domino server answers on port 81 and hence if you're behind a proxy server you need to make sure you or your network administrator(s) respectively open the proxy on port 81 (at least for FlexDomino.net which has the public IP