Saturday, 10 April 2010

SoapGateQ! and FlexGateQ! Beta 2

In the next few days we will release SoapGateQ! and FlexGateQ! Release 1 Beta 2. We have added following sort of missing web service operations:

  • dbACL() - implements the NotesACL class
  • dbEffectiveRights() - implements the NotesDatabase.QueryAccess() method
  • dbUserRoles() - implements the Notes Formula function @UserRoles
In FlexGateQ! we also split the dominoDBUtilities class in two classes:

  • dominoWebService

    Core web service consumer class providing the "raw" web service operations, takes care of loading the SoapGateQ! wsdl file and authenticates the user against the Domino address book.

    The new class also provides a configurable session keep alive timer function.

  • dominoDBUtilities

    Provides now only the wrapper classes using the web service operations outsourced into the dominoWebService class.
This separation effectively improves the coding (code structure) and performance of multiple web service calls.

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  1. Beta 2 is now available. The documentation is updated with the changes to both products.