Monday, 19 April 2010

The Notes Client as we now it today is joke...

Having been at Lotusphere 2010 hearing first time about project Vulcan I immediately posted a rather ironic comment, not saying anything further to the subject as I was not sure if IBM is really serious about this. I thought (like others I talked to at LS) that this was just a kind of media buzzword covering the fact that nothing really new is to come and in one years time no one will hear about it any longer.

I particular felt that because project Vulcan would have a dramatic implication for the Notes Client. Well, looks like I was all wrong, in matter of fact IBM is very serious about it...

Read this blog discussion on

Saving Notes: Why The Notes Client Must Die

And John D. Head comment to it:

If IBM Project Vulcan succeeds, the IBM Lotus Notes Client we know today is dead

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