Thursday, 25 March 2010

Flash Builder 4 Released

Finally Adobe Flash Builder 4 is released.

After some trouble ordering the Flash Builder 4 upgrade I finally received the download links and license keys.

The installation looks much improved and is straight forward. Though I got a repeated installation notice saying something like "the PC is in a state of an outstanding planned reboot"  with the option to quit the installation and do the reboot or alternatively ignore the message and continue with the installation. I should have wrote the exact message down, but I guess I was too excited to think about it in that moment ;-)

After rebooting and again receiving that same message I chose to ignore it (which seemed to be fine).
I immediately started to import some of the Flex Builder 3 projects published on and with a few warning and confirmation screens the projects where imported without a problem.

On cleaning and rebuilding the projects a few warnings came up for each of the projects. All of them could be resolved quickly. I will explain migration steps on

One thing we noticed is that the name spaces for the final release of  Flash Builder 4 have changed from the beta releases. As a result projects developed in Flash Builder 4 Beta (might) require some changes before they can be rebuild in the final release.

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