Thursday, 25 March 2010

Flash Builder 4 Released

Finally Adobe Flash Builder 4 is released.

After some trouble ordering the Flash Builder 4 upgrade I finally received the download links and license keys.

The installation looks much improved and is straight forward. Though I got a repeated installation notice saying something like "the PC is in a state of an outstanding planned reboot"  with the option to quit the installation and do the reboot or alternatively ignore the message and continue with the installation. I should have wrote the exact message down, but I guess I was too excited to think about it in that moment ;-)

After rebooting and again receiving that same message I chose to ignore it (which seemed to be fine).
I immediately started to import some of the Flex Builder 3 projects published on and with a few warning and confirmation screens the projects where imported without a problem.

On cleaning and rebuilding the projects a few warnings came up for each of the projects. All of them could be resolved quickly. I will explain migration steps on

One thing we noticed is that the name spaces for the final release of  Flash Builder 4 have changed from the beta releases. As a result projects developed in Flash Builder 4 Beta (might) require some changes before they can be rebuild in the final release.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

If there is one thing that will kill Adobe then it is..., no, not the iPhone, iPad or Apple in general nor HTML 5 for that matter,

but simply Adobe Sales !

I just wasted 3 hours (!!!) in trying to purchase an upgrade to Flash Builder 4. Here is what happened:

I'm going on the Adobe website and go through the purchase procedure until the point comes to login with my Adobe account and I get a nice little error message on screen telling me that the account is registered in Malta and I would need to login with an account registered in the US.

I might have been able to just register a new account with an US address, but then again, my purchase history wouldn't move to the new account. Turns out that no Adobe Online Store works with a Malta account.

So I called Adobe Sales UK to make a purchase over the phone. Well I tried about half an hour before the damn phone system put me through to a person ... clearly located in India. After explaining my problem I'm passed to a sales person, this time located in the UK.

I explain the problem again and we start the procedure of a over the phone purchase with plenty of interruptions (waiting times to check out whatever). After providing my credit card details I explained I need the same company details on the invoice address which I had used with my previous purchase almost 2 years ago and which the sales person found in my account.

To my surprise the invoice I received via email 2 minutes later showed my personal address (the one linked to the credit card), however, with the companies VAT number. So by all means the invoice was completely wrong.

Calling the UK sales number again I get by chance and after further 15 minutes the sames sales person on the line. I explained the problem and he replied that there is nothing much to do about this, as the Adobe sales system does not allow entering a different invoice address then the card owners address.

You probably guessed that I got slightly impatient at this point and told them to just cancel the order if they can't provide a correct invoice. After all I need to get reimbursed. So the sales person forwarded the call to a customer support and I had to explain the situation all over again.

Arguments passed back and forward and after being put on hold for 5 minutes the customer support person pushed the call back to the sales person, who now explained that they could at least add the companies name below my name, but still with the wrong address.

Well, being somewhat a Flex/Flash evangelist I agreed to redo the order this way, otherwise I probably just would have sent them flying.

The moral of this story is, if you are not already living in an Adobe Country, you better migrate there as otherwise you are not welcome. Luckily for Adobe...Apple Stores are just as bad.

Almost back to normal...

We recovered the content and registered user accounts as of 2 days ago when the server hardware failed. Just two of the live demos don't function yet. By tomorrow we should have fixed these too.

We also managed to optimize the performance on the virtual machine running the web content management system to a point that there is no longer a performance loss. So really,...we are back to normal.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010 up again...

We managed to recover to an older backup of the website. We will work on the recovery of all missing information over the next days. If you can't login your account might have been lost. Either re-create it or wait until we are done with the full recovery.

The Team

Monday, 22 March 2010 down

Unfortunately the web and mail server broke down and we have been so far unable to replace the server hardware and recover from the last backups.

Because of this situation and the fact that the website was based on a no longer supported WebGui for Windows version, we decided to build up from scratch. This will obviously take a few days.

So for the time being traffic to will be re-routed to our blog.

We apologize for the inconvenience. If you need any help, our would like to download any of the sample projects please send an email to or contact me on skype: matthiaswille.