Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Interesting development regarding SoapGateQ!

I participated a rather lengthy session (1:45 minutes!) about Blackberry and iPhone application development. Subject of course how both devices can consume Domino REST services.

The obvious question that arose was, do these devices consume web services too? Well, for the Blackberry the answer is yes, it can consume RPC doc/literal type web services.

Bingo, this is exactly what SoapGateQ! is about. So we are investigating now how this exactly works and how we can implement the same wrapper classes developed for Flex (FlexGateQ!) for the Blackberry.

Stay tuned, as I'm a BB Storm owner and able to to test this out straight away, I may soon post some application samples for Blackberry consuming Domino data on FlexDomino.net.

I haven't investigated this for the iPhone yet. But will soon get an answer for this one too.


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  2. Little update on the iPhone bit...

    The iPhone OS does not seem to support web services natively. A quick research shows that it is somewhat possible to consume a web service using HTTP POST request with SOAP headers. Well it is definitely not straight forward. There is some 3rd party development going on that looks like an attempt to wrap the above method into more easy usable classes.

    As we lack the experience in Objective C in any case we have currently no plans on writing our own wrapper classes for the iPhone to consume the web services provided by SoapGateQ! to connect to a Domino server.