Friday, 22 January 2010

New REST API for Lotus Notes Domino

IBM announced a new REST API for Domino, which would be the first pretty complete interface to other platforms. We participated the session of Steve Nikopoulos (Future in IBM Lotus Domino APIs) and had some intense discussions in the labs with him to fully understand where IBM is heading to, and what impact this development has for our own web service based API (SoapGateQ).

First analysis let us believe that both solutions can be applied to different situations. Having said this, we investigate on how to include the REST API in our efforts to wrap these services in our FlexGateQ classes.

More to this subject will be posted soon.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

SoapGateQ! and FlexGateQ! Beta are available now

Watch demo and download SoapGateQ! and FlexGateQ! Beta from here...

Interesting development regarding SoapGateQ!

I participated a rather lengthy session (1:45 minutes!) about Blackberry and iPhone application development. Subject of course how both devices can consume Domino REST services.

The obvious question that arose was, do these devices consume web services too? Well, for the Blackberry the answer is yes, it can consume RPC doc/literal type web services.

Bingo, this is exactly what SoapGateQ! is about. So we are investigating now how this exactly works and how we can implement the same wrapper classes developed for Flex (FlexGateQ!) for the Blackberry.

Stay tuned, as I'm a BB Storm owner and able to to test this out straight away, I may soon post some application samples for Blackberry consuming Domino data on

I haven't investigated this for the iPhone yet. But will soon get an answer for this one too.

We are now officially Vulcan's...anything else would be illogic...

IBM announced in yesterdays Lotusphere opening session its new strategy for its Lotus software portfolio called "Vulcan".

See Ed Brill's blog entry.

And William Shattner's speech was refreshing and fun too.

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Li \\// e long and prosper.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Lotusphere we are coming...

Andreas and myself are in the last few hours of preparing or rather packing for Lotusphere. We are pretty excited. Our main projects SoapGateQ! and FlexGateQ! for Domino are going beta during Lotusphere. We are basically ready, but we won't make it to put the code online for download before we arrive in Orlando. But latest by Sunday download will be available.

If you attend Lotusphere you can meet us there.We created a community on Lotusphere Online

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Want to join in Malta...

...we have summer all year round, and the sea...
(Malta Times January 2, 2010)

Saturday, 2 January 2010

SOAPGateQ! & FlexGateQ! - Universal SOAP Gateway for Domino 2

This project is developing fast, not only in terms of its code stream. I just posted a little presentation (pdf) on explaining the direction we are taking with this development, the concepts which go far beyond the Flex / Domino world, and the code behind the demo I posted earlier.